QUALIMAGIQ v7 now released

July 27, 2023

Stay tuned with the latest Regulatory Requirements



We are happy to share that with the recent release of version 7, our software QUALIMAGIQ hits another milestone rendering it even more powerful, versatile and confident.


Our teams worked hard to integrate improvements in the various QUALIMAGIQ modules for quality control automation in Radiotherapy and Medical Imaging.

This new version incorporates many changes to make your life easier and the use of the software more convenient while staying in tune with the latest regulatory requirements.


Discover the numerous exciting functionalities :


  • In QUALIMAGIQ version 7, analysis results are now stored in a relational database. This accelerates their reading access hence displaying the analysis results now 50 to 100 times faster than before.


  • The MLC-stat, MLC-dyn, DOSE-R and FIELD modules have been upgraded to integrate tests proposed by the German DIN standards or the forthcoming new French regulations.


  • The FIELD module that automates the QC of the 4 field limits of rectangular light fields as well as irradiated fields has been improved to better take into account that 2 or 4 of these limits can be obtained by the MLC.


  • The CTP module now supports automatic image analysis of CATPHAN 604 and CATPHAN 700 phantoms.


  • The PLAN module for QC automation of the external lasers on a CT scanner in radiation therapy has been completely revised to make its configuration more robust whilst simplifying it and to improve its performance in terms of image analysis.


  • QUALIMAGIQ’s "TEST" Mode that allows verifying the consistency of the analysis results throughout the different versions of the software has been greatly improved notably more so for the administrator:
    • To modify the settings of the analysis of test exams that one has included in the “Test” type database so that these analyses are more similar to the current use of QUALIMAGIQ.
    • To "Accept" differences observed on selected results as of a version of QUALIMAGIQ to no longer see them while testing later versions.


  • Many improvements have been introduced to the modules and software components dedicated to QA automation of CYBERKNIFE type installations. In particular:
    • During image acquisition with the CK-IMAGER and the CK-PILOT module, it is now possible to easily reacquire an image already obtained and included in the exam.
    • In the CK-MLC module, the “Output factor” and field size tests have been added to be automatically analysed by QUALIMAGIQ.
    • In the CK-GEOM module, the imaging center test with ISOCRYSTAL has been added to be automatically analysed by QUALIMAGIQ.
    • In the CK-COLLI module, it is now possible to acquire at once all images of the 12 tested sizes of the IRIS collimator.
    • In the CK-MUCC module, it is now possible to acquire at once all images of the protocol.



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