PATIENT QA software platforms

Two complementary software platforms designed for patient QA in IMRT

Two problems need to be addressed for your QA in IMRT:

  • Perform quick, precise pretreatment QA in order to verify the precision of dose calculations made by the TPS and the linac's capacity to modulate beam intensity in accordance with the calculations. EPIQA, which uses the portal imager to perform this pretreatment QA, is one of the most economical, quick and accurate solutions available on the market today.
  • Ensure that during each session, the irradiation parameters which define the delivered beam are in conformance with the prescription set on the TPS: Immediately following the beam stop, LINACWATCH verifies in less than 5 seconds the entire set of irradiation parameters collected every 25, 50 or 250 ms. LINACWATCH is a very powerful LINAC QA solution integrated in the patient workflow.
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