QUALINAX software component for automatic management, edition and printing of event journals associated with LINAC


Connected to the qualinax platform, it helps you with the automatic management, edition and printing of event journals associated with electron accelerators for medical use (LINAC)

This component enables you to freely define event types (LINAC start-up, beginning of treatments, end of treatments, preventive maintenances, corrective maintenances …), and to add them at the date of your choice for the LINACS you select in order to create an entry in the event journal (or tracking log) associated with the LINAC.


In addition, this component adds to these computerised journals automatic events linked to:

  • The performance of Quality Controls (CQ) in QUALINAX,
  • The declaration of a LINAC element which has been replaced or mounted.​


Each event can be documented by additional explanatory items: text describing the contents, open commentary and associated files (of any extension). In the case of QC type automatic events, the files associated to the event consist of the QC analysis reports.


All of these journals can be printed out at any time, either in their entirety or partially, by filtering according to date, type or content of the events.


This component provides you with a very comprehensive, computerised tracking journal of each installation managed by QUALINAX.


Event creation


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