A reference for accurately measuring the alignment of the laser positioning system on the CT-scanner


Comprehensive control of the laser positioning system’s alignment to the CT-scanner

Verification of longitudinal positioning accuracy (Head/Feet axis), horizontality of patient  support, respect of the distances in images produced by a CT-scanner dedicated to radiation therapy applications

THE BEST WAY TO TEST the lasers according to the AAPM TG-66 guidelines!

The OTP-PLAN phantom from QUALIFORMED verifies all of the following in just 3 CT-scanner acquisitions: 

  • the accuracy of patient positioning along the Head/Feet axis,
  • flatness and horizontality of the patient support on the transverse plane, 
  • respect of the distances on the transverse plane by the CT-scanner,
  • alignment of the lasers positioning system along the 3 main CT-scanner axes and
  • congruence between the isocenter of the CT-scanner and that of the laser positioning system.


Advantages of the OTP-PLAN test object:

  • The adjustable leveling screws of the OTP-PLAN can be fully retracted so that the test object comes into perfect contact with the patient support during testing. The screws protrude to enable adjustment when testing positioning lasers.
  • The OTP-PLAN test object is composed entirely of black acrylic plastic with alignment engravings etched in white. The white engravings thereby light up without dispersion when the lasers are aligned along them, equally so for both red and green lasers.
  • The « inserts » are air-filled hollows, 0.5 mm in diameter, within the acrylic cubes. Detection of the position of the inserts in all spatial directions is as precise as possible, the limiting factor being the quality of the scanner images. In addition, the inserts provide strong contrast, registering a difference of 1100 Hounsfield Units.


Analysis of the images of the OTP-PLAN test object is optimal (precise, automatic, quick) when used in conjunction with the QUALIMAGIQ software platform, complemented by the MOD-PLAN nalysis module. QUALIMAGIQ’s performance is particularly noteworthy - in less than 10 seconds with just 3 mouse clicks it determines the shifts between the positioning lasers and the scanner: translations in the 3 directions of space, and 3 rotations around these 3 directions.


The OTP-PLAN test object enables you to optimally fulfill points 8.6 and 8.8 of the annex of the French AFSSAPS decision dated 22/11/07 regulating Quality Control (QC) of the CT-scanners.


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