A plate for accurately measuring the geometric distortions on MV & KV images from linacs


Advanced testing of geometrical distortions stemming from a high energy (MV) or low energy (KV) « portal » imager used in 2D mode

The OTP-DISTO phantom from QUALIFORMED enables you to obtain the complete 2D cartography of the geometrical distortions of the « portal » imager with just one click.


Analysis of the images of the OTP-DISTO test object is optimal (precise, automatic, quick) when used in conjunction with the QUALIMAGIQ software platform, complemented by the MOD-EPID analysis module for a high energy imager and MOD-18FG analysis module for a low energy imager. Most particularly QUALIMAGIQ yields a 2D cartography of all geometrical distortions stemming from the tested « portal » imager in less than 5 seconds with just 3 mouse clicks.


The OTP-DISTO phantom enables you to optimally fulfill all requirements of the French AFSSAPS decision dated 27/07/07 regulating Internal quality control of external radiation therapy installations: point 5.9.10 of the annex.


The OTP-DISTO test object is made up of a network of 53 tungsten balls 2 mm in diameter, evenly distributed throughout a transparent acrylic plate 5 mm thick which measures 300 mm x 300 mm. This plate also bears a crosshair engraved in black.


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