QUALINAX software component used to manage all linac maintenance tasks


Connected to the qualinax platform, it helps you with the data entry, edition and traceability of maintenance tasks and the spare parts inventory management and provides diagnostic help on your electron accelerators for medical use (LINAC)

The functionalities specifically dedicated to maintenance tasks are currently in the final stage of development. However, you may already document and follow maintenance tasks now with the events journal (CMP-EVENT component).


This software component provides digital forms for declaring your maintenance tasks in which you specify:

  • The type of breakdown and the key words to identify it (error code, interlocks…), the replaced parts,
  • The QCs implemented following the breakdown,
  • The total amount of time required for the repair.


You may also associate with the maintenance a scanned servicing report saved in the QUALINAX database.


As soon as the breakdown has been declared, you may search QUALINAX‘s database in order to access solutions you previously applied to similar breakdowns, listed In order of relevance to the given situation. For diagnostic help you may also search an external database stored on a QUALIFORMED FTP server which centralizes breakdowns for all QUALINAX clients.


With this component you’ll never again have to confront a breakdown on your own. You will be able to enter in real time the length of time servicing will take and the measures required to solve the problem (replacement of parts, QC to be implemented following repair, requisite measurement devices…).


This component also includes:

  • Inventory management of your LINAC spare parts (inventories, procurement, storage location …),
  • Automatic traceability of servicing operations,
  • Automatic calculation of the availability rates of installations.


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