QUALIMAGIQ software module for an automatic advanced image quality control with an phantom ACR


Connected to the QUALIMAGIQ platform, it takes the MOD-ACR-CT module only 2 mouse clicks to analyse the numerous DICOM slices originating from the 5 sections of the ACR phantom acquired for the advanced controls of the image quality of a CT-scanner.

These automated analyses cover:                                                                                                                                                                                               



  •  Alignment of the external (biopsy) or not internal lasers;
  •  Geometrical distorsions;
  •  Slice thickness;
  •  Sensitivity profiles;
  •  Sensitometry with 4 different reference materials;
  •  Spatial resolution: FTM with 2 methods, the Droege and Morin method in a bar pattern comprising 8 spatial frequencies and with the PSF method;
  •  Pixel size;
  •  Low level contrast resolution;
  •  Noise, uniformity, homogeneity and water signal.




Less than 10 minutes is all the time you need to perform the entire control: installation of the phantom, image acquisition and analysis, yielding 6 different PDF analysis reports and a trend curve for each tested parameter.

This module enables you to optimally fulfil requirements of the French Agency AFSSAPS decision dated 27/07/07 regulating the procedures for Internal quality control of CT-scanners: points 8.4 (internal QC) of the annex.


Associated test object: CT-ACR-464 from SunNuclear.


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