QUALIMAGIQ module for a complete and fully automatic QA of the low-energy portal imager used in planar mode


CONNECTED TO THE QUALIMAGIQ PLATFORM, it takes the MOD-EPID-KV+ module only 2 mouse clicks to analyse all of the DICOM images from performance controls of the low-energy (kV) portal imager in terms of mechanical movements, respect of geometries and within the framework of the in-depth control of the quality of the images produced. 



This module includes all analyses of the MOD-EPID-KV module concerning image quality tested in depth, and supplements them with the following mechanical and geometrical tests: 



  • Pixel size: comparison of dimensions in mm and in pixels of a metal frame (OTP-ALIGN test object).


  • 2D mapping of geometrical distortions (OTP-DISTO test object, which is included in the OTP-EPID and OTP-EPID-L test objects).

  • The mechanical play of the MV imager relative to gantry rotation: movement of the image of a metal ball consolidated with the collimator (OTP-BALL test object), or alternatively 4 metal balls consolidated with the collimator (OTP-CROSS or OTP-ABACUS test objects, the second also enabling precision testing of the variations in source-imager distance relative to gantry rotation).

  • The mechanical play of the MV imager in relation to its vertical rise: shift of the image of a metal ball consolidated with the couch ((OTP-BALL test object or alternatively OTP-ALIGN, the second also enabling measurement of the source-imager distance).

  • The source-imager distance and the precision of the telemeter: detection of a metal frame (OTP-ALIGN test object).







Less than 20 minutes is all the time you need to perform the entire control: installation of the test objects, image acquisition and analysis, editing of 6 different PDF analysis reports and a trend curve for each tested parameter.

This module enables you to totally fulfil all requirements of the French Agency AFSSAPS decision dated 27/07/07 regulating the procedures for Internal quality control of external radiation therapy devices regarding low-energy « portal » imagers: points 5.9.2 to 5.9.10 of the annex.

Associated test objects:

  • TOR-18FG or TOR-18FL from LEEDS TEST OBJECTS, or NORMI-RAD/FLU from PTW (whichever you prefer) for image quality tests, possibly completed by QUALIFORMED’s OTP-DISTO test object to compensate for the deficiencies of the TOR-18FG, TOR-18FL or NORMI-RAD/FLU test objects to measure geometric distortion with precision,
  • QUALIFORMED’s OTP-ALIGN for the geometric tests of the imager,
  • and last, OTP-BALL (alternatively OTP-CROSS, OTP-ABACUS or OTP-ALIGN), all from QUALIFORMED, for the mechanical tests of the imager.


(*): The OTP-EPID (or its "light" version, OTP-EPID-L) test object has been specially developed by QUALIFORMED as a universal phantom, which can be used equally well with « portal » kV imagers as with « portal » MV imagers. This test object includes an OTP-DISTO pattern.





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No, the EPID phantom have to be aligned on the lasers, but if there are some misalignments of the phantom, rotation or translation, QUALIMAGIQ is able to compute them and automatically correct the position of the ROIs used to measure the different needed signals.

Why is it essential to have more than just a image quality control on the portal imager KV?

You use this imager in planar mode and/or CBCT mode to align all patients at each session on the isocenter of the treatment machine. Therefore it is essential to complete the image QA with geometrical and mechanical tests. 
It is also important to control image quality in CBCT mode because it deteriorates quickly in this mode. Our CTP software module is very efficient for that. 
Finally it is of course crucial to ensure the alignment of these imaging systems on the high energy (MV) isocenter of the treatment machine.

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