A robust phanton to control the congruence between laser positioning system's & CT-scanner's origins


Control the alignment of the laser positioning system’s isocenter onto the CT-scanner isocenter

The OTP-LAS phantom from QUALIFORMED enables you to verify the alignment of the origin of the positions of the laser positioning system with the anatomical origin of the CT-scanner, through a single acquisition of a dozen of CT-scanner slices.


Advantages of the OTP-LAS phantom

  • OTP-LAS is robust and easy to align. This makes it particularly suitable for daily set-up of the routine control of the position of the isocenter of the laser in relation to the isocenter of the scanner.
  • OTP-LAS is made entirely of transparent acrylic. The alignment engravings are white, which allows them to light up without dispersion when the lasers are aligned along them with the same intensity as for red or green lasers.


Analysis of the images of the OTP-LAS test object is optimal (precise, automatic, quick) when used in conjunction with the QUALIMAGIQ software platform, complemented by the MOD-LAS analysis module. Most particularly QUALIMAGIQ supplies in less than 2 seconds with just 3 mouse clicks, the shifts between the laser positioning system and the CT-scanner: translations in the 3 directions of space.


The OTP-LAS test object enables you to optimally fulfill point 8.6 of the annex of the French AFSSAPS decision dated 22/11/07 regulating Quality Control (QC) of the CT-scanners.


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