QUALIMAGIQ software module for an automatic control of the congruence between laser positioning system's and the CT-scanner's origins


Connected to the QUALIMAGIQ platform, it takes only 2 mouse clicks and 2 seconds for the MOD-LAS module to analyze the DICOM images issued from the Wilke phantom (LAP) or the OTP-LAS phantom (QUALIFORMED). The automated analysis consists in detecting the 4 grooves of the phantom in the CT scanner images: the sagittal groove, the 2 frontal grooves and the transverse groove.

As the external lasers have been aligned along these grooves, this module deduces the alignment of their origin in relation to the origin of the CT scanner slices.



Less than 5 minutes is all the time it takes to perform the entire control: installation of the test object, image acquisition and analysis, yielding 6 different PDF analysis reports and trend curve for each tested parameter.


This module optimally fulfills all requirements of the French AFSSAPS Decision dated 22/11/07 regulating Quality control (QC) of CT-scanners:  point 8.6 of the annex, (Internal and External QC).


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