20 convenient and efficient phantoms to evaluate the congruence between light and radiation fields


20 convenient and efficient phantoms to evaluate the congruence between light and radiation fields

Control of the congruence between the light fields and the irradiated fields for both symmetrical and asymmetrical rectangular fields produced by a radiotherapy treatment machine



The OTP-FIELD test objects from QUALIFORMED enable you to control the positions of the light field limits of the 4 jaws of a simple collimator or of the 2 MLC banks, using a high energy portal imager.


Since it is easier and more objective to align the test object along the light field rather than the contrary, OTP-FIELD is composed of a set of 20 rules of varying lengths, to accommodate all configurations of rectangular fields, symetric or asymetric.


Analysis of the images of the OTP-FIELD test objects is optimal (precise, automatic and quick) when used in conjunction with the QUALIMAGIQ software platform complemented by the MOD-FIELD analysis module.



By using QUALIMAGIQ, in less than 10 seconds and with just 3 mouse clicks you can determine all tested light and irradiated field sizes without using X-ray film.


The OTP-FIELD phantoms enable you to optimally fulfill all requirements of the French AFSSAPS decision dated 27/07/07 regulating Internal quality control of external radiation therapy installations: points 5.2.6 and 5.3.10 of the annex.


Each of the 20 rules contains:

  • 2 radio-opaque balls included on a very thin plastic plate*,
  • a longitudinal back engraving etched 10 mm from the pair of radio-opaque balls,
  • a perpendicular engraving bisecting the rule.

(*) : The rules are made from a plastic chosen for the high degree of rigidity. It offers at such a low thickness, a necessary criterion to avoid impairing the detection of the radiation field limits.


The OTP-FIELD test objects come equipped with:

  • a customized aluminum storage case,
  • double-sided, repositionable adhesive tape to temporarily secure the rules to the imager’s cover when the gantry is set at another angle than 0°.


The OTP-FIELD28 test object is a set consisting of only the 2 longest rulers of the 20 rulers making up the complete set of the OTP-FIELD test object. The reduced set is dedicated for MLC tests, with MOD-MLCstat module.


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