Software Module (Quality control of Iris collimator and cones)



Automatic analysis of the control of the performances of the iris collimator and cones used to delineate the radiation beams on a CYBERKNIFE® device

Connected to the QUALIMAGIQ platform, it takes only 2 mouse clicks for the CK-COLLI module to analyse the many DICOM images acquired with the high-energy portable imager from QUALIFORMED, CK-IMAGER, in the context of quality control of an « iris » type collimator and « cone » type collimators.


For each image, these automated analyses are carried out on:

  • The size of the radiation field, its penumbrae, its circularity, its shift relative to the centre of the field;
  • The size of the homogeneous zone, its homogeneity, its symmetry and its maximum deviation;
  • The Collimator « Output Factor » associated with the analysed field.

For all of the images associated with each type of « iris » or « cone » collimation, QUALIMAGIQ also automates the analysis of the constancy of the Output Factor).


Associated high-energy portal imager: CK-IMAGER from QUALIFORMED.

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