Software Module (Conversion of CYBERKNIFE images to DICOM)


This software module is used to convert images encoded in the ACCCURAY™ proprietary format into DICOM format.

Connected to the QUALIMAGIQ platform, the CK-CONVERT module is used prior to automatic analysis by QUALIMAGIQ of the images acquired in the context of quality control of the CYBERKNIFE installation’s two embedded low-energy « portal » imagers. Once converted, these images can be automatically analysed by the MOD-EPID-KV or the MOD-EPID-KV+ module.


The CK-CONVERT module’s interface has been designed so that this conversion operation is highly intuitive and performed using  just 3 mouse clicks. This degree of efficiency is achieved in the following manner: once imported the original images are automatically associated with a quality control protocol which has been previously defined in QUALIMAGIQ and which the user selected upon opening the CK-CONVERT module.

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