Software Module to pilot the acquisitions on the CK-IMAGER



This software module simplifies the acquisition of high-energy images using the CK-IMAGER portable imager

Connected to the QUALIMAGIQ platform, it takes only 2 mouse clicks for the CK-PILOT module to pilot all of the image acquisitions and manage all of the tests preceding these acquisitions.


Thus before acquiring the Quality Control (QC) images, the CK-PILOT software module tests communication with the imager, presents the list of the acquisition protocols declared in QUALIMAGIQ and then retrieves the imager calibration images associated with the chosen acquisition protocol (« Dark-Field », « Flood-field » and « Dead-Pixel » images).


During acquisition of the QC images, CK-PILOT follows the protocol selected by the user and acquires the various images declared in this protocol one by one and registers them in DICOM format.


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