QUALIMAGIQ new release (v5.5)

November 4, 2014

Even better ergonomics, with more features and modules

The end of the year is always marked at QUALIFORMED by the arrival of new software versions. QUALIMAGIQ will be first, providing an even more user-friendly interface as well as new functionalities:

  • A brand new module, MOD-MGP, will allow you to control the image quality of your MRI with MAGPHAN phantoms;
  • User Manuals can now be directly downloaded from our server through the QUALIMAGIQ platform, keeping you updated on the latest release of our manuals;
  • The "Manage" option of your images has been totally revised and includes an instant refresh of your modifications; protocols can now be directly modified in the "Manage" interface;
  • The "Trends" button is now called "View" and this section is divided into two tabs: your list of quality controls (QC), which enables you to directly open the PDF report of a selected QC, and the trends tab, through which you can follow the trend curves;
  • In the trend curves it is now possible to view more than one parameter simultaneously;
  • A new ball detection method has been implemented to offer quicker and even more precise detection.


Visit our QUALIMAGIQ webpage for more information about our platform ! 


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