October 4, 2019

Equipped with a high-tech radiation therapy machine, you'd like to dispense with radiographic films.

If you really don’t want to step back to film QA…

Equipped with a high-tech radiation therapy machine,
you'd like to dispense with radiographic films.




An in-depth look:


A very powerful portable image

  • Spatial resolution and active surface: 1024 x 1024 pixels, 0.2 x 0.2 mm² providing an active sensor surface of 200 x 200 mm²
  • Signal intensity resolution: 16 bits pixel depth
  • Temporal resolution: up to 25 frames per second
  • Energy range: 0,04 kVp to 15 MVp
  • Supplied with: 15 m power cord & 15 m ethernet cable
  • Options (WIP): cover including fiducials, dummy cover for CT-scanner


The 2 software platforms QUALIMAGIQ & QUALINAX used together to schedule, document, perform, analyse, trace & store all CYBERKNIFE Quality Controls and maintenances.


  • A comprehensive, powerful and manufacturer-independent software platform to automatically analyse QC measurements (DICOM images, depth dose curves, dose profiles) of radiation therapy and medical imaging devices
  • With a crystal-clear, flexible and realistic workflow: No pull-down menus, just 3 buttons are all it takes to Import, Analyse and View Analysis reports with only 3 mouse clicks
  • No false positive or false negative results by reading the complete DICOM header of QC images and by systematically realigning signal extraction masks on images
  • A Step by Step mode enables you to customize the analysis methods
  • Up to 6 different PDF analysis reports fully customizable
  • Simultaneously view as many trend curves as you like
  • View all analysed QCs with filters for date, installation, results
  • Total and paper-free management of all QA and maintenance tasks of radiation therapy and medical imaging devices
  • Schedules, performs, follows and documents all QA and maintenance tasks in a RT department
  • Manages all QA including safety devices and interlock tests, MU calibrations, but also all « in-house » and specific QA procedures
  • Efficient and easy-to-use assistant in all stages of QA, with an intuitive workflow and user-friendly interfaces
  • Manages QA equipment (phantoms, dosimeters, water tanks, … including calibrations) and human resources working on QA & maintenance
  • Tools to automatically track logs of all events occurring on the managed devices by detailed machine journals



Our QC software solutions are modular, so that you can expand your platform to meet your growing needs:

QUALIMAGIQ-CK-PILOT module operates the QUALIFORMED portal imager and manages image acquisitions


QUALIMAGIQ-CK-COLLI module analyses images acquired to test the cone and iris collimators


QUALIMAGIQ-CK-MLC module analyses images acquired to test the MLC


QUALIMAGIQ-CK-CONVERT module converts in DICOM the images acquired with the 2 integrated kV imagers to allow QUALIMAGIQ to perform Image Quality tests of these 2 imagers with the EPID-KV module


QUALIMAGIQ-DOSE-R module enables you to read and to analyse dose profiles originating from the SRS Profiler

QUALIMAGIQ-AQA, to have an equivalent of the AQA test but without films (WIP)


QUALINAX-DOSE-A module manages and analyses MU tests (constancy, proportionality, reproducibility) and also dosimeter response tests


QUALINAX-SAFE module manages and analyses safety device tests


QUALINAX-FREE module manages and analyses all other tests (form sheets, MS-Excel spreadsheets, …)


QUALINAX-SCHED component schedules all CYBERKNIFE QC appointments


QUALINAX-EVENT component stores all events concerning the CYBERKNIFE including maintenance and helps users to diagnose breakdowns



And the story is not finished because you have ideas to use our portable imager as a device for pre-treatment QA…

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